5 Year Review

An in depth analysis of FundAction's first lustrum!

In 2021, FundAction commissioned M2 Consultants to undertake a review of the first five years of FundAction’s activity and to reflect upon the years ahead.

In line with our core values, we strived for a holistic and participatory evaluation process to ensure the engagement of the FundAction community from the outset, which is reflected in the methodology.
The key learning questions of the evaluation were:
– Assess the validity of the initial mission, vision and values;
– Assess the priorities of the FundAction community in terms of learning and developing the organisation over the next five years;
– Evaluate the impact of grants and the participatory grantmaking process.
The report sets out the learnings related to:
– The key successes of the past five years;
– The difference FundAction is making;
– Challenges and tensions;
– Reflections for the future.

We are determined to make the most out of these learnings in order to keep fostering our community work toward a systemic revolution in the field of philanthropy and activism, across Europe and beyond. Moreover, we hope our lived experience can inform and inspire new participatory grantmakers.

We look forward to the next five years, with big plans ahead!

The Final Report is available here for consultation and download:

FundAction 5 Year report – 27-January-2022

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