We are celebrating the second edition of our in-person meeting, the Annual Assembly, in just a few days: 24-26 May in La Bergerie de Villarceaux. The road has been long, but we are finally there and we are so excited about it!

How we have changed!

FundAction started almost two years ago out of conversations between activists and progressive funders that wanted to work towards a redistribution of the decision making processes to fund activism processes. By doing that, our aim was to foster a vibrant community of activists imagining mechanisms that could guarantee democratic processes valuing diversity and responding to the challenges we face as a society from different areas of work.

The design of the infrastructures guaranteeing that such exchange could actually happen was a long journey full of constructive debates. As a result of that, we developed our digital platform -based on Decidim’s source code- and our in-person Annual Assembly. We also developed three types of grants: Rethink (for knowledge exchange), Renew (for systemic change initiatives) and Resist (for rapid response actions). And we have had six rounds of grants so far. The results haven’t been always perfect: we are open to recognise our mistakes, we learn by doing, we have always tried to be responsive to the needs of the members and the community as a whole.

We are two years old now, but we still are in the process, because there is no such thing as perfect participatory grantmaking. We embrace our experimental nature, we foster debates that help us build a sustainable community that goes way beyond the simple debate about how to distribute funds, we dialogue about how FundAction deals with the important political and cultural challenges Europe face. We are happily and fully engaged in the search for a fairer and more equitable world.

Annual Assembly 2019

While the Annual Assembly 2018 was a place to get to know each other, to community building and to find the common definition underlying us all -you can read the long report and a blog post here-; this second edition of the assembly will be a space to debate about how to improve the rules, mechanisms, processes and infrastructures that structure our community.

Who are we and who is missing in FundAction? What are our identity and values? How is the governance model working so far and how it can improve? How do we communicate the importance of participatory grantmaking? How can we highlight the importance of activism out of the spotlight? How can we reach small communities that don’t usually work in the international level? How can we document our practices in order to make them replicable or inspirational for other contexts? How do we care for each other? How can we, in the end, be more sustainable by sharing the responsibility of taking important decisions about our lives?

These are some of the questions we will address during this year’s Annual Assembly. 47 members of FundAction will join the debate and share proposals with the rest of the community -of around 200 members-. You can read the complete program of the assembly here. You can follow live what is being discussed during those days in our Twitter profile or in the hashtag #FAAssembly19. After the assembly, we will share a report, some pictures, a few video interviews and other materials.

Keep tuned!