A Masterplan for FundAction! 

A Masterplan for FundAction!  “The perfect is the enemy of the good” On the 10th and 11th of September 2019, the FundAction Facilitation Group held… Read More

By FundAction 1 October, 2019

Annual Assembly 2019 Video

  Interviews by Marina Fin, filming by Alexander Sargos, production by Thilbaut Prade and edited by Lucas Tello. … Read More

By FundAction 19 July, 2019

Learning so that we can do better

This is not going to be a short blog. The story is relatively simple: FundAction needed to renew its Facilitation Group, so we ran the… Read More

By FundAction 25 June, 2019

FemFund Overview for 2018

The Feminist Fund celebrates its first birthday and is sharing some of the achievements they have made. The Feminist Fund is the only organisation in… Read More

By FundAction 26 February, 2019

Support comes in many forms

FundAction has a few donors. (Too few! Anyone who wants to support European activists, get in touch!) One of these, the Guerrilla Foundation, recently gave… Read More

By FundAction 21 November, 2018