Our first grant process is getting to its final step! After receiving 25 proposals out of a community of around a hundred activists, we are now in the voting phase of the Rethink grant.

With Rethink, we hope to support the building of a pan-European network and community of activists through study visits, meetings for collaboration, trainings, translation, research, mentoring, etc. The emphasis is on supporting the ecosystem via opportunities for collaboration, rather than for specific projects.

Below you can read some excerpts of the proposals sent by the activists in the Assembly.

Exploring Collective Liberation — 9th — 11th February — Hereford, UK

Join us for a 3 day residential workshop exploring racism, identity and difference within our own organising spaces. As our current context of Brexit, Trump, Islamophobia and the rise of the right shows, we need to be tackling these trends but we also need to challenge them in our own practices and work together for collective liberation.

This course is hosted by Resist and Renew — a group of friends, organisers and artists who believe in radical education. See www.resist-renew.com for more info.

This grant application was submitted by Ali Tamlit.

New Economy for New Municipalism

International workshop on political/popular education | School of Public Life, Budapest, Hungary

The School of Public Life is organizing a 3-day international workshop about the philosophy and methods of popular and political education in the summer of 2018. Our main aim is to bring together organizations from the East-Central European region that are already involved in activities of this type to share experiences and teaching techniques, to teach each other about our practices and to develop further local, national and international collaborations. We believe that popular and political education are key to the development of real democracies and that social movements have to be supported through practical and theoretical training to be able to work effectively for social justice. In the long run, our aim is to support the development of activities that support radical citizen activism and overall meaningful citizen involvement in public life as well as the raising of the political consciousness of socially marginalized groups and individuals.