The Feminist Fund celebrates its first birthday and is sharing some of the achievements they have made.

The Feminist Fund is the only organisation in Poland providing financial assistance exclusively to girls’, women’s, and feminist organisations. Our mini-grants are available to non-governmental organisations, but also to self-organised informal groups, particularly those operating in smaller locations, where women vulnerable to cross-discrimination and violence, may become decisionmakers. We are here to foster feminist movements in Poland by providing money for activities engaged in by women, and by transgender, non-binary, and queer persons. FemFund encompasses pensioners and teenagers; women migrants and refugees; women with disabilities and of varied health status; non-heterosexual women, women economically disadvantaged, and women living in smaller towns and villages.

If you want to take a detailed look at the amazing activities that the Feminist Fund has supported during this year, you can read the whole overview in this link.