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FundAction joined EDGE Funders Alliance

A step forward to participatory grantmaking

We are very happy to announce that FundAction joined EDGE Funders Alliance, which has been our fiscal sponsor since our inception. EDGE is a community of 300 donors, foundation officers, trustees and advisors in 19 countries, passionately engaged in local, national and international grantmaking within 90 diverse institutions. EDGE organizes within philanthropy to raise awareness and deepen understanding of the interconnected crises threatening our common future, to increase resources for systemic alternatives that support justice, equity and the well-being of the planet.

As part of the network we were invited to participate in an EDGE webinar “Organising around the emergence of new systems” in May and to share our experience as a participatory European activist fund. On the link below, hear from the Co-Executive Directors from EGDE – Sofia Arroyo Martin del Campo & Arianne Shaffer, and funders and movements representatives Eriel Deranger (Indigenous Climate Action), Iva Čukić (FundAction), Mary Jirmanus Saba (Labor Movement in Lebanon) and Ellen Dorsey (Wallace Global Fund). This all-women panel was facilitated by Camille Barton and Mumbi Nkonde. Extremely important conversation as we re-imagine and work towards reorganization of our societies globally.

Following the decision of cancelling the EDGE Conference in Berlin, the EDGE Team has taken some time to reflect on the current world situation and develop a deep systemic analysis in order to undertake organizing within philanthropy and with social movements from all over the world to support the emergence of new systems. This webinar was a kick start of a series of conversations, mapping and explorations for future programming that also include some of the conversations and workshops that were supposed to take place at EDGE annual conference.

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