Facilitation group 2021-2022

Meet the current Facilitation Group


The first Facilitation Group was established in May 2017, mandated by the larger group of funders and activists. The group currently consists of seven activists with diverse backgrounds and two funder representatives.

The funder representatives do not make decisions about funding, but have a supportive role in the development of the funding platform.

The current Facilitation Group (2021/2022) is formed by:

Carmen Dupont (Rome, IT). Current coordinator of the Facilitation Group.

Iva Marčetić (Zagreb, HR)

Iva M.

Nonty Sedibe (SP and HR)

Nonty S.

Emilie Deudon (FR). Current funders representative.


Marko Aksentijevic (Belgrade, SB)

Marko A.

Giulia Palomba (Torino, IT). Current communications responsible.

Giulia p.

Carmen Lozano Bright (Madrid – SP)

Carmen LB


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