Member Eligibility

We invite new members to trust in FundAction’s potential to be a learning tool for all of us. Every new member will participate in at least one online introduction meeting to deepen their understanding of what brings our community together and what we expect from one another. So, if you are an activist and if you would like to join our vibrant FundAction community, these are our eligibility criteria.


Activists join and act as individuals on the platform, not as representatives of an organisation or a movement. Fundaction is open to: 

  • Emerging and experienced activists
  • Professionals and volunteers
  • Actively involved in progressive social movements either at the grassroots level and/or in a networking, interlinking or resource capacity and/or at a personal level (it doesn’t matter where you actually work)

Even if you apply as an individual member, for legal and administrative reasons, we are only able to fund registered non-profit organisations with their own (solvent) bank account.


But, if you are not involved with a registered non-profit in your country, you can apply if you have a fiscal sponsor (a registered non-profit) who is able to receive and manage the funds on your behalf.


For legal and administrative reasons, at the moment we can only fund organisations and activities in the following countries:

  • EU27 + EFTA (Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Liechtenstein) 
  • Western Balkans (Serbia, BiH, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania) 
  • United Kingdom, Ukraine, Moldova and Turkey.

To join the FundAction community, every member must:

  • Subscribe to FundAction’s mission, vision and core values.
  • Be motivated and have the time to actively contribute to our participatory processes (yes, this means reading and discussing others’ grant applications beyond your own ;))  

How can I become a FundAction member?

Make sure you read the eligibility criteria beforehand. You are welcome to fill the above form. There we will ask you some questions about your activity, where do you develop your projects and some input about your organization. Due to capacity reasons, we only review applications twice a year in Spring and Autumn (around mid May and mid October). We will get back to you around those dates.

Membership by invitation is now complemented by 2 rounds per year where interested activists can apply. Find here the link to contact.
Watch this space to see when the next round opens and when the next information session will take place where you can ask us all your questions! Check out eligibility criteria and FAQs


Membership in FundAction is currently individual. However, each person in the community is involved in one or several collectives of activists and changemakers. Therefore, when you join as an individual you can represent the networks and alliances that you are part of.

In order to opt for the grants, you first need to be a member of the platform. Once in, you will be invited to create a user in our participatory platform and familiarize yourself with the tool. It is the place where we take collective decisions, both on grants distribution as well as on regular daily processes of FundAction. You are invited to engage in every process, whether it is a grant round or any other sort of decision. We issue grant rounds periodically across the year depending on the type of grant. You might find that there’s an open process going on or you will probably have to wait until the following grant round. However, there are tons of things to do meanwhile! 

Apply here to become a member

Role of Funders

We consider our funders to be our partners and our allies.


We envision for FundAction to further grow as a financially stable and thriving participatory grantmaking fund that facilitates unrestricted and long term funding to movements.



We are looking for funders to financially support us and to join our community because they trust our activist members and they share their values and vision for change. Giving up power over deciding where the funding goes does not mean taking up a passive role as a funder.



 We want funders and people of wealth who share our values around participatory grantmaking to take up this struggle with their peers in philanthropy and to help us grow support.


 Ultimately, we believe participatory grantmaking is not about giving up power all together. It is for all of us – activists and funders –  to be empowered within our respective position in the ecosystem and to each play our part.. 


Become a Funder

Join us as a funder and become an active ally and partner for transformative change across philanthropy and movements