Activist meeting: New Economy for New Municipalism (Spain)

Category: Alternative Economy & Democratic Innovation

Community Members: Global Hub for the Common Good

Type of grant: Rethink [ 5.000 € ]

Year: 2017

1. Who they are

The Global Hub for the Common Good is a non for profit organization set up in 2009 to promote collaboration among activists, movements and organizations that work for the transition toward a new economy. The Global Hub Foundation has a large network with more than 60 experts and volunteers who work together to deliver the different projects developed by the Foundation. In 2017, Global Hub organized the NESI Forum “New Economy and Social Innovation” which was attended by 700 people from 43 countries.

2. What they did

A three-day meeting was held in Madrid with some 20 representatives of different organizations which wanted to shed a light on the common grounds of different local new economy proposals from different movements as well as on how to implement them for Municipalist groups.

The meeting resulted in, among others:

Some next steps were defined and a timeline for each of them :