Advocate for yourself WRR (International)

Category: Feminism and oppressed genders

Community Member: Women Refugee Route

Type of grant: Resist

Year: 2020

1. Who they are

Women Refugee Route (WRR) consists of 11 members, situated in Denmark, Belgium and Greece, with backgrounds in law, IT, policy, development, communication, gender and LGBTI, who contribute on a voluntary basis to the workings of the organisation. The founder and director, Mina Jaf, was born in Kurdistan and fled to Europe at 11 years old with her mother and siblings. Mina has dedicated her time to refugee and women’s rights issues, bringing her personal experience and perspective on gender inequality to her vocal advocacy. She founded WRR in Denmark in March 2016. Today, WRR is a pan-European organisation working internationally by training, and advocating for the rights of refugee women and girls.

2. What they did

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, WRR has been prevented from carrying out in-person training on self-advocacy and empowerment. Hence, to continue their mission, WRR has produced a video to empower and inform women and girls applying for asylum about their rights with assistance from relevant professionals in the field. With this video, WRR aims to encourage women and girls who are in the asylum process to share their stories and advice as a means to advocate for themselves and others.

3. Why is this relevant to the activist community?

Together with the visual communication team Artvocacy, based in Copenhagen, WRR has produced and shared a video with motion graphics aiming at getting the overall message across the screen with or without sound. In addition to this, the video is scripted and will be dubbed in several languages including Russian and Arabic. During the research for the video content WRR has interviewed experts in the field and gathered advice that are usually not shared in official information from authorities.

The video with English subtitles was published on World Refugee Day on the 20th of June 2021. The video has been shared on several social media platforms eg. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.