New Economy for New Municipalism. Submitted by Diego Isabel la Moneda (Global Hub for the Common Good)

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Local citizens are expanding municipalism in Spain and also in other European countries. These groups want to transform the local economy from the current neoliberal approach towards a more open, fair, democratic and sustainable local model. Although there are different local new economy proposals from movements such as social economy, economy for the common good, transition towns or ethical banking, it is difficult for the municipalism groups to understand which is the common ground of these proposals and how to implement them.

For the explained reasons, we are developing a project aimed at 1. co-creating a guide “New economy for new municipalism” that will include the core elements of the different new economy proposals as well as the specific tools of each one of them to be implemented at the local level; and 2. promoting collaboration and mutual trust among activists from different new economy movements. The goals of the meeting are strengthening personal relationships among activists, promoting mutual recognition and respect among movements and co-creating common tools to democratise the economy at the local level and to empower citizens.

Exercising Sisterhood of Feminist Funds. Submitted by Magda Pocheć (FemFund)

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Created in 2017 FemFund is the only women’s grantmaking fund in Poland. It was set up in the context of skyrocketing backlash to support feminist activism and organizing which has been mushrooming especially since the attempt to introduce a total ban on abortion in Poland. FemFund aims at developing feminist philanthropy in the country to make women’s rights movements more resistant and resilient to government’s attacks on women’s human rights and freedoms. In January 2018 FemFund will announce its first call for proposals, which will result in awarding about 15 small grants for women-led actions and initiatives via a participatory grantmaking model.

As an emerging fund we seek support from the international community of women’s funds to strengthen our capacities, especially in terms of mobilising resources at community and country level. We will undertake study visits to women’s grantmakers in Georgia (Women’s Fund in Georgia, TASO Foundation) and in Serbia (i.a. Reconstruction Women’s Fund) to learn from their substantial experience on developing sustainable fund that is responsive to feminist movements’ needs.

Together with partners from Serbia and Georgia we will develop detailed agenda of study visits and we will collectively decide on effective methodologies of these exchanges. We want these encounters to inspire and inform FemFund’s strategies that are currently being developed (such as resource mobilisation strategy). We are also looking for energising strategic meetings that will hopefully facilitate further collaboration of partner organisations.