Systemic care

Systemic Care: FA community meeting & Podcast

Community support encounter during lockdown

As a follow up to FundAction’s letter Call to Action: Philanthropy in Times of Pandemic, we have deepened the conversation with our community members with an online meeting and a Podcast.

The meeting took place at the end of May 2020. Since the calendar for physical events involving FA had to change for 2020, activists were eager to get in touch again virtually and share how the pandemics impacted their work and life. We entitled this first session “Systemic Care” and decided that it could be the kick start of a series of regular monthly meetings through which our members can keep in touch.

We have also opened the FundAction podcast with a pilot episode in which three of our Facilitation Group members – Brindusa, Ruby and Iva – address how the pandemics can be a global wake up call, and also an opportunity to bring us closer. We believe this type of medium brings about a democratization of expression and we are eager to ad the voices of FA members to the mix, with the technology we have available, focusing on the open conversation rather than on having a perfectly polished media product. As it happens, the conversation was recorded over zoom at the end of April and edited in a DIY fashion.

Also, the podcast features the beautiful music of FundAction member Jan Valeska’s band Kapela Šoulet which you can further enjoy here. The graphics are from Justseeds Artist’s Cooperative Pete Railand “Take Care / Care Take” and Kevin Caplicki “You Are Not Alone“.

We hope you enjoy this first episode. For the next ones, we plan to invite more contributions from the FundAction community.

Thank you, be well, and hear us soon!

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