General Information

FundAction is registered as a stichting (foundation) with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce CCI number 87266652. Our RSIN number is 864251245. The address of FundAction is Delflandlaan 1, 1062EA, Amsterdam, Netherlands.


The Board of FundAction consists of:

  • Mr Stefanos Galountzis (Chairman)
  • Mr Marko Aksentijevic (Secretary / Treasurer)
  • Ms Ruby van der Wekken 
  • Ms Carmen Lozano Bright
  • Mr Piet Vollaard 

Board members perform their duties free of charge. They are compensated for expenses made in the course of exercising their duties, including participation in meetings and travel expenses.

Objective and mission

FundAction’s mission is to shift decision-making power over funding from funders to affected communities and activists working on the frontlines. Our objective is to facilitate movements’ daily work on transformative change by facilitating access to flexible and low-bureaucracy funding and by replacing the standard model of competition over funding with the FundAction model which offers a democratic platform for exchange, collaboration and sharing of resources.

FundAction grants funds to projects in the field of democratic innovation, civic education, human rights, anti-discrimination, public space, housing, civil, political and social rights, regenerative and alternative economies, digital activism, alternative media, arts and culture, climate justice, environment, right to food, public health, care, welfare, migration and intercommunal solidarity, in the broadest sense of the word, through activist participation.

FundAction’s overall mission is to advance, perform and promote participatory grantmaking.

Policy Plan

FundAction’s policy plan can be downloaded in ENG and NL.

Activity and financial reports

FundAction’s Annual Report 2022 can be found here

If you have any questions, please get in touch: