1. Who they are

Women Refugee Route (WRR) is a non-profit organisation (NGO) founded in 2016. It has members in Denmark, Belgium and Greece who work on Advocacy & fundraising, Communications and Training, both for volunteers and for advocacy. The training has the intention to empower refugees and migrants women to become advocates of their own situations and journeys and relates to WWR interest in being part of national and international advocacy work. As they state in the website: “Among the thousands of refugees that have reached the shores of Italy and Greece in the past years are many women. Still, refugee policy – be it at the local, national, European or international level – remains mostly gender-blind and the needs of women remain largely unaddressed. Most of the decisions that impact refugees in general, and refugee women in particular, are taken without them. WRR’s ultimate goal is to empower refugee women to become self-advocates and raise their voices to respond to the decisions which directly concern and impact them”.

2. What they did

FundAction Rethink grant contributed to the organisation of WRR fifth training workshop, organised together with the Global Refugee Studies (GRS) at Aalborg University, that was the first outside ‘hotspot’ areas such as Greece, in a place where refugees are not “in transit” anymore, but looking for a stable situation. The training was attended by 40 women and one man and focused on how to work and support these women and: on the best ways to inform, equip and empower both how participants and the women they are working with. The workshop included a reflection of the concept of “refugee”- as a term that describes a situation, not a person -, the need for self-advocacy, increased adversity and intersectionality issues, with a special part about health.

3. Learnings for the FundAction community

In these workshops, WRR has identified that potential of the networks of like-minded individuals who share knowledge and the will to improve a situation – in this case for refugee women – as one of the most powerful resources available.


WWR Website

Information about the training session