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We are happy to share with you the two last released FA Talks podcast, which explores two very relevant issues: the privatization of health in Croatia and the drug users’ situation in Bulgaria, both of them exasperated by the pandemic.

Talk#7 engages with Ana Vračar, an active member of OWID (Organisation for Workers Initiative and Democratisation): a civil society organization based in Zagreb, Croatia. It was formed in 2012, and it is committed to the protection and promotion of workers’ rights, democratic decision-making processes among workers, and economic democracy. OWID is a member of the Cooperative for Ethical Financing and is involved in the regional network of the People’s Health Movement in Europe. PH grant supports the specific research on the privatization of health, the development of (re) municipalization and participatory models in health care, together with the development and spread of the international Campaign “Our Health Is Not For Sale”.

In Talk #8, we discuss with Yuliya Georgieva about the work and the struggle in Bulgaria to make drug users’ rights recognized by the authorities. The team of The Center for Humane Policy has been ensuring the existence of the Pink house, at the moment the only drop-in center for PWUD (usually homeless, living well below the poverty line, and in deteriorating health) which survives only by individual donations and voluntary labor. “Often people can’t see that addicts are not bad ones, but they are deeply in need of help”.

Upcoming Talk#9 will dive into the work of Habita! Organization from Portugal, through the words of our member Rita Silva.

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